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Purpose: To cleanse and ground yourself, and promote your psychic abilities.

Items Needed: Jar with lid, water, purple tissue paper, pen, ribbon, coffee, cinnamon

Notes: This is a four-part spell and was requested. I personally associate the color purple, coffee, and…

lot4d said: addition to the gender thing - a good word for nonbinary witchy folk is wix! (it can also be used as a collective term, sort of like a "ladies and gentelmen" thing, except magickal and gender inclusive).

Books and Resources (Paganism, Witchcraft and More)


This list has been updated over the years and will continued to be updated over time. If you re-post this elsewhere, kindly credit me because it’s taken a long time to compile what I feel are useful resources on the following topics. The very basics are covered in my FAQ.

Last updated:…

Couple's Binding Spell


You will need:

•Pink candle
•2 Pieces of pink string
•Small box
•Small bottle with a latch
•Red rose (Picked by both the lovers) •Parchment
•2 Pink inked pens/ markers
•Any charms which represent your love


Both of you should go pick a red rose together; you should…

Happy Birthday To Me!


My birthday just recently passed (August 17th) and in honor of that here’s some birthday magic.

Birthday Wish Spell


  • 1 Birthday candle (the multicolored cheap wax ones)
  • Lighter
  • Piece of parchment paper or 1 bay leaf
  • Writing utensil (use this opportunity to…
A Spell for Bringing About Consequences


"The complete freedom.
The lack of consequence.
It terrifies you.”

This spell is for those situations where one person or another has gone on too long without their actions having proper consequences.

Perhaps that person you know has been slowly stealing from the…

english-lavender-tea said: What books do you suggest to learn about using herbs to heal like teas and spells?


  • Encyclopedia of magical herbs- Scott Cunningham- A-Z herbs. talks about many herbs,  but doesn’t go so deep into each one. The informations are more along the lines of astrological correspondences and the magical side of these plants. There are several recipes.
  • The complete book of incenses and oil- Scott Cunningham- This is specific for oils and incenses and has recipes to make use of these items.
  • Culpeper’s herbal- Nicolas Culpeper- This books has scientifical information as well as mystical information about the herbs. A good book for healing aligned with astrology.
  • The herb book- John Lust- This book shows the several ways that herbs can be used as cosmetics, medicine, etc… It’s a list of 500 plants
  • Back to eden- Jethro Kless- It informs on the usage of herbs for remedies, teas…
  • Book of magical herbs- Margaret Picton and Michelle Pickering- It talks about the mythology involving herbs, magical side of it, recipes…
  • The master book of herbalism- Paul Byerl- A good book for magical purposes.
  • The complete medicinal herbal- Penelope Ody and Mark Blumenthal- A-Z herbs. It shows the use of herbs for healing.
  • Herbal Recipe for vibrant health- Rosemary Gladstar- recipes of teas, tinctures, tonics, etc…
  • Encyclopedia of herbal medicine- Andrew Chavallier- The usage of 550 herbs